Yakiniku translates as grilled meat and is the Japanese form of BBQ. Here, the meat and vegetables are served in small bites on plates, which the guests then grill themselves as they wish directly at the dining table.

Special gas grills with sophisticated technology are installed in each table.

The technology enables gentle, nutrient-preserving and low-fat grilling. In addition to the meat, we also offer salads and smaller side dishes.

Our greatest motivation is to enrich you with a magical experience that you will remember with a smile even years later.


Ushido means "the philosophy of the cow"

Forget the stress of everyday life for a moment. We take you on a little trip to Japan. The place where the dream of Ushido was born. Enjoy the authentic food and drink culture of Japan and let yourself be pampered by the Japanese hospitality service. You have earned it. Celebrate yourselves and the beautiful moment with your loved ones, because you will hopefully always remember it fondly.

True to our name Ushido - "the way of beef" - we serve you very rare cuts of the best quality, which can be seen, smelled and tasted. A result of many components: Centuries of effort by the breeders, good feeding, species-appropriate husbandry and the experience and craftsmanship of our kitchen. As a special highlight, we offer Wagyu from Japan in A5 quality. Experience for yourself how the meat melts in your mouth and enjoy this unique explosion of flavor. A meat delight like you have never experienced before. Together with our sake sommelier, we have created the perfect sake accompaniment for each cut to emphasize and highlight the fine aromas.

We sincerely hope that you will experience an unforgettable moment.


We ask for your understanding that a no-show or a delay of 10 minutes may result in the allocation of a table. As a rule, it is also no longer possible to increase the number of people. Please inform us of any changes to your reservation.

We therefore ask our guests to arrive punctually and, if travelling by car, to allow sufficient time to find a parking space. However, we recommend travelling by public transport, as we have excellent transport connections. Sake and freshly tapped Japanese beer in chilled glasses are also available.

Dear guests,

the reservation is a reservation enquiry.

After sending the enquiry, you will receive a confirmation that we have received the enquiry.

This is not a reservation confirmation. We will process your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We look forward to your visit.

Your Ushido Team



In addition to cash payments, we currently accept payments by EC, Visa and Mastercard.

That depends very much on how much and what kind of meat you order.

If you only want to fill your belly with chicken and pork or only order a small amount of beef, you can expect a budget of 70 euros. Only vegans get away cheaper, because there's nothing at all. Our average spend per guest is around €110.

We issue vouchers from a value of €50 on site. A good time is always one hour before opening hours. During opening hours and especially at weekends, there may be longer waiting times.

To be honest, it is very difficult for us to prepare something special for you.We use gas barbecues and for this reason we can't offer balloons with helium, sparklers or candles on the dessert.Our staff are very shy.

10 people can sit comfortably at our largest table, but we can extend the table to accommodate a maximum of 13 people, so you have to like each other, because then it gets cosy. If there are 13 or more people, we would have to divide you into tables of 4 and 5.Please contact us by e-mail so that we can plan together. can plan together.

There can be many reasons for this...

  1. Reservation request too early, our system only allows reservations 20 days in advance, the days not yet activated are highlighted in grey.
  2. Incomplete or incorrectly completed enquiries. Number of people clicked? Month clicked? Day of the week ticked? Time clicked? Are the mandatory fields filled in? Is your e-mail address correct? Have you filled in the mandatory fields? Have you completed the booking? Then you should receive a confirmation that we have received your booking enquiry.

 The average length of stay for our guests is 2 hours. We have taken this time as a guideline for our planning.

Depending on the day, time, season and group size, we can try to fulfil your wishes - just send us an e-mail or talk to us on site.

That depends on the time of year, the day of the week and the time of day. You have the best chance right at opening time.

With a little waiting time, it usually works out and we usually leave 1.2 tables free for passers-by, but if you want to be on the safe side, you should make a reservation.

Is your restaurant suitable for vegetarians/vegans? To be honest, we don't think that vegetarians or vegans will be happy here. If you eat seafood as a vegetarian, we don't have a guilty conscience.

No. We don't and never will have sushi with fish, fried rice, crispy duck, curry or dumplings. 

We have Wagyu meat, but not Kobe meat. Kobe is a prefecture in Japan and only wagyu from this prefecture can be called Kobe. Kobe Wagyu has done everything right in terms of marketing in the past and is synonymous with Wagyu. It is by no means the best Wagyu, but it is absurdly expensive. We definitely offer the best value for money for Wagyu.

Our restaurant is an open kitchen and pets are not allowed anywhere where food is prepared, processed or produced. We are animal lovers, so please consult the Veterinary and Food Hygiene Office. 

  Can I bring my own food and drinks?

We caterers live from the sale of food and drinks. We therefore ask for your understanding that we generally cannot allow you to bring your own food and drinks. Exceptions are cakes or your own wines. Should this be considered, we ask that you notify us in advance by e-mail. However, we reserve the right to charge a corresponding corkage fee.

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Omakase only available, when preordered 
(at least 4 days in advance)

Dear guests, we cannot accommodate allergies in this menu.